Games with Cards – Kasino

The goal of the game

The game’s goal is to collect as much points as possible by picking the open cards on the table using the cards you have on hand. Known variants of the kasino card game are building casinos, creep casinos and mules. In the squad kasino, you will receive as few points as possible, contrary to the usual kasino. First, you decide who deals – The one who draws the lowest does this. The game is started by the player to the left of the person who divides the cards. The game then continues to the right.


Game progress

Each player and table should be assigned with 4 cards which they are awarded 2 and 2. Now you should pick up cards from the table with your deck on hand. Each player must, in turn, play a card from his hand. Either you get a card from the table, or you put a card on the table. If you have a card on hand, the numerical value of which corresponds to the numerical value of a card on the table can be taken. You can also choose to combine multiple from the table to match the value of a card you have in hand. If you have seven on your hand then you can take a seven on the table. If there is a fifth and a second on the table, you can combine them to value seven. You can include all combinations of cards as long as the value matches the cards you play.

If you don’t want to take anything, you must place a card on the table. This card will now be part of the board’s card that players can then take. The cards you collect are placed in a pile (they are not picked up later).


If you take a card or combination that leaves the table blank on card, it is called “loss”. Each loss gives 1 point and it is marked by the card that made the loss with being raised next to its high with a stick so that it is known that the card is counted as a point.

 Cards & Points

When the game is over, all players count their decks and spades to determine who has the most cards and spades. Each ace you get one point, the same for the “small one” (Lowest). “The big one” is worth 2 points.

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