Casino Affiliate Stocks 2019

Do you want to buy casino affiliate stocks that might have a bright year ahead? On this page, we will guide you to some of the best casino affiliates in the world and give our subjective pieces of advice on if you should buy them or not. Remember that making an investment is always a risk and it is your own responsibility to make your own analysis before you make an investment. Here are the main casino affiliates.

Catena Media – Listed on the Stockholm Nasdaq. The development of this stock has been quite successful from the start but has in the last half a year almost dropped by 50%. The company has quite a lot of debt and expanding at a rapid pace. The pros are that their acquisitions have been very successful. In the last year, they have also expanded into the finance vertical. They also have a good position now when the US is opening up for online betting companies. We think that this stock is worth buying and our target stock price for 2019 is 175sek.

XL Media – Listed on London Stock Exchange. In the last year, this stock has lost more than half of its value. The drop in XL Media is a bit more motivated than in Catena but still way too much than what we think is fair. XL Media has not been doing as good acquisitions as Catena Media and are not as prepared for the US. Our target stock price for 2019 is therefore £100.

Better Collective – List on Stockholm Stock Exchange is a bit different from the others since the main source of income is from better. This company actually has a great product. Our worry is that they spend too less of their revenues to grow. They need to lower their margin and put more effort into becoming a big player in new markets. It has great potential but we are want to see better leadership. The target price for 2019 is 80sek.

casino affiliate stocks 2019

RakeTech – This is the smallest of them all and was doing an IPO in June this year. This company has dropped about 40% since the IPO which the owners cannot be happy with. We think that the market is a bit sceptical since much of the revenue is from Swedish markets. However, once this becomes a bit more clear and nothing unexpected happens we will see a big gain in the stock price again. Target stock price for 2019 is 35sek.

Gaming Innovation Group – Listed on the Norwegian Stock Exchange but is to be moved into the Stockholm Stock Exchange. This company has in addition to affiliate also their own casino operators and now also slot games. This stock has as all above lost a lot during the last year. We believe that after the contracts with the US betting companies we will see a much higher stock value. The target price for 2019 is 4,5nok.

Hope that you learned a bit about the casino affiliates companies that you can buy. If you know other casino affiliates that are listed on any public stock market. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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