Esports vs Sports and New Online Casinos UK 2018

In a world where the ‘e- word’ is fast being prefixed to almost anything and everything under the sun- e-commerce, e-filing, e-mail, e-payment- there’s no way that sports can escape. Esports has become so popular that it seems all set to violate the boundaries of traditional games.

What is Esports 2018?

While sports are played on grounds and stadiums, Esports are video games that are played on computers and consoles by professional gamers. Esports tournaments take place in huge arenas with huge crowds watching them play. During the competition, teams will play against each other while fans avidly watch the games. With the high-speed internet becoming the norm, Esports is growing highly competitive and just as nail-biting as traditional sports. The Internet also makes it easy to connect with players across the world, play with each other and learn from their experiences. Esports is thus named as electronic sports.

Esports in the UK – edging closer to Traditional Sports?

It would seem so- given the immense popularity of Esports, which has dramatically changed the entertainment landscape and the gaming scenario. Esports that are popular with spectators are even invading the ‘hallowed portals’ of conventional networks that were once dominated by sports. Once upon a time TV network confined themselves to sports such as soccer, football, basketball and baseball and other sports, but today video game competitions are being streamed live on the very same channels. The last two years have seen prominent UK channels fielding Esports to reach out to newer and younger audiences. The impact of Esports is immense, and the effect on exclusive sports channels is almost electric, not to mention viewership being virtually on par with traditional sports. In the coming years, viewership for Esports is likely to exceed mainstream sports.

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Gamers not different from athletes

Competitive video gaming has been exciting, and professional gamers have become celebrities. Just like regular sports players do, these gamers practice regularly for more than 10 hours a day. Though the kind of training that athletes put themselves through is different, the intensity is the same. Gamers and athletes exhibit the same amount of dedication and willpower and hone their skills to a nicety to win- their goals are the same. The way Esports is fashioning out seems to be posing a real threat to mainstream television. There appears to be a rising increase in online viewership and an exponential increase in prize pools- this augurs well for Esports. Given the current scenario, Esports is here to stay, and computer gamers are very much in the reckoning.

How Esports differs from sports

Gamers sitting before a console or a computer put in hours of practice honing their skills. They need to focus and concentrate, and their mental faculties need to be agile and ever alert. They sit in a chair and operate a controller, a keyboard or a mouse. When taxed to the ultimate, they are drained and mentally exhausted. Physical athletes need to work out, run, jump do squats and push-ups to remain fit to compete. They cannot afford physical injuries of any sort. Training sessions leave them exhausted and physically drained, and they need to recoup with rest. They follow a strict regimen of diet, unlike the computer gamer who contents himself with a sandwich or two.

Given the viewership figures for Esports, it seems to be becoming more popular with every passing day. There’s enough room for sports and Esports to exist alongside each other, and for the next few years at least Esports appears to be on a roll.
But can gamers give athletes a run for their money? The battle royale between Esports vs Sports is about to unfold in a fascinating way. Let’s wait and watch to see what the future holds for ‘electronic sports’!

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