Divine Fortune

Slot Review

If you wish to play slot games, then you can do so online. There are many online casinos that spring up every now and then, and they feature various casino games, slots included. The good thing about all this is that there’s a practically never-ending stream of new slot games that you can play – all featuring different rule sets and graphics and designs. One game that we’d like to recommend you to try out is the game called Divine Fortune, created by what’s known as arguably the greatest company in the field of online casino games design – NetEnt. divine fortune

What to expect from Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune slot is a game that’s set in the mythological world of ancient times. As far as we could tell, it takes up elements of the ancient Greek mythology. You will immediately grasp this from the introductory screen, where there’s a horse with wings. You will also hear in in the music; there is a solemn music that evokes a feeling of being in a temple somewhere where there are people worshiping the ancient gods.

Symbols with many different shapes

The symbols also take the shape of mythological images – you will see the image of Medusa; and of various dominant animals from the animal kingdom, such as the lion and the hawk. And you will also have the card numbers as symbols – which is standard in many of the online slot games. Now, as is natural; all of these different symbols have different value. The symbol of Medusa is ranked highest on the list, and then come the symbols of animals, and finally, the symbols of lowest value – the cards.

Bonus features in Divine Fortune slot divine fortune

No slot game feels complete without the introduction of a bonus feature or two. And such is the case with Divine Fortune as well. There are wild symbols in this game, and they take the place of any other symbol that you may need for a win. But there is a new feature regarding the wild symbols, and the falling wild respins. If you get a wild symbol; then it will drop down one row at every spin – effectively remaining in the game as long as you have it on the reels. Also, you may get the wild on wild feature; which means that you can get an entire reel full of wild symbols if you have the luck to get the combination. There are also free spins symbols, and depending on their number you may get 5-12 free spins.

Finally, there is the bonus symbol; which can take you to the bonus game – if you hit three of them on a single spin that is. In the bonus game you will have the opportunity to win various levels of jackpots, and the bigger your bet is – the better your chances of taking the highest jackpot with you.

Final notes on Divine Fortune

This game will be liked by most people that set out to play it. It offers a unique atmosphere and you will feel like you’re in the ancient times. And it’s really fun to play it – it offers just enough features to keep you glued to the screen for hours on end.

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