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NetEnt is a company that has created some of the best games in the field of online gambling. If you’re a person that enjoys gambling online; then you must have come in contact with one of the games created by NetEnt – they are so ubiquitous and they are available in most of the online casinos that offer gaming for people. We have an advice for you if you’re the type of person that enjoys online slot games, and especially if you like rock music; and ESPECIALLY if you’re a fan of the band Motorhead. And our recommendation to you is to try playing the Motorhead slot game, created by NetEnt.

motorhead slot bonus

Theme of Motorhead slot

The intro of the game is great in preparing you for what’s to come. You will see a pretty epic video of the band Motorhead playing what’s known as their greatest hit – “Ace of Spades”. It will warm you up for what’s to come. And when you begin playing the game; you will see that it’s set in a rock concert back area that’s full of speakers. You will do well do be prepared for certain flashy images.

The Ace of Spades

They don’t sit well with people that suffer from seizures, so if you’re one such person, then it would be smart not to play this game. The slots come in various shapes and sizes; and you will see horseshoes, clovers, and the wild symbol which is – you guessed it – the ace of spades. The wild symbol will be able to replace all other symbols within the game, except the scatter symbol, and it’s a handy thing to have when you’re in need of a particular symbol in order to make a winning combination.

Bonus features

The bonus features lie in the scatter symbols. If you manage to get three of them, then you will get a number of free spins as a reward. The number of free spins that you will get is 10. Another bonus feature that you get in this game is that at every spin there will be a so-called mystery reel. This reel will be covered with mystery symbols; which will uncover as one other symbol that’s available in the game. It’s a fun way to add excitement and expectation on your behalf while playing the game. Finally, there’s also the bomber feature. This feature means that every once in a while, you will see the bomber symbol on the reels, and each bomb contains a cluster of mystery symbols.

motorhead slot freespins

Motorhead slot summary

The Motorhead slot is a fun game made for the true fans of the legendary band. But either way, it doesn’t matter if you’re fan of this particular band – it won’t matter if you’re a fan of rock music neither. Chances are that if you like slot games, then you will love this game too, as it has everything it needs in order to keep you occupied for hours on end. Enjoy having fun with Motorhead slot!

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