Wolf Hunters

Yggdrasil is one of the biggest companies in the field of iGaming. This company has created some of the most popular slot games to date. And one of their newest games goes by the name of Wolf Hunters. What should you expect of this game? Is it a good, high-quality game worthy of the Yggdrasil name? Or does it falter? Read this review and you will find out.

More details about the game

The game starts with a pretty intense introductory video. You will read a story in a book about a wolf attack. A dire wolf attacks a village and the people are powerless to defend themselves. However, two nameless heroes come – a man and a woman – come and save the day. So, you can expect to see this theme throughout the game. The symbols are wolf traps, various weapons, and potions. The music will eerily creep up under your skin while you play. This adds another layer of fun and excitement when it comes to this game.

Wolf Hunters slot review

How to play the game

The game has 20 pay lines. The number of reels is 5 and the number of rows is 3. The way to play this game is by selecting your bet size first. The number of pay lines is fixed. The lowest bet you can make is 0.005 coins on a pay line – in total, 0.20 coins. The biggest coin value that you can bet on a pat line is 5. And this makes the maximum bet climb all the way up to 100 coins. So, the way to play this game is to select the bet size and spin the reels. The return to player rate is 96.3% and the game features cross-platform support.

Special features

There are many special features in Wolf Hunters by Yggdrasil. First of all, there are rage points that you can get for your two characters. If one of them gets 100 rage points, then you will get 10 free spins. In any given spin, a potential wild symbol may come up. It takes the original form of a wolf. Then a short battle will take place in which either the wolf or one of the characters will win. If the wolf wins then nothing happens. However, if the character wins, then the symbol turns into a wild and sticks for another re-spin. The character gets one rage points and the wolf loses 1 health. If you get bonus symbols in the first and third reel – you activate free spins. During this time, there will be a lot bigger chances for the characters to win their battles against the wolf.


Wolf Hunters is a great game that will surely maintain its high level of popularity for a long time to come. Make sure that you try it out and see what it’s about.

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