Mobile Casino Online

Mobile casinos online

Online casinos have begun spreading like the black plague. Nowadays there’s a new online casino practically every day. You have to pay really close attention if you wish to know all of the new online casinos that spring every now and then.

There is one portion of the online casino market that’s reserved for the mobile devices. These casinos that are specialised in this sphere are called, conveniently, mobile casinos. They offer players compactness and convenience – if you wish to play online gambling games then you can now do so from your own mobile phone or tablet.

Games at mobile casinos 2018

mobile casino onlineThe fact of the matter is that the mobile casinos market is somewhat small. Not every online casino has its own mobile version counterpart – only a select few have made a version that’s separate from the regular one. But still, if you search these websites long enough, you’re bound to find at least one of them that offers compatibility for your mobile device, and then you can freely play your favourite games there.

Now, not all games are made for mobile devices – you need to know this as well. There are certain classic games that are indeed made for mobile devices – you’ll feel no shortage of games like roulette or baccarat or poker or slots. But you won’t be able to find some of the more underground games that are typically available at the big online casinos. Moreover, in order to play these games you will need to download them on your mobile device. This is not to say that it’s something inconvenient – in most cases you will need to download a few hundred of kilobytes, which is nothing in modern life, with the speed of the internet that we have.

Finally, you will need to make deposits for your favourite mobile casino, just so you will be able to gamble with real money. You can also gamble for free in many of these casinos, with the so called play money. But you won’t feel the excitement of gambling nearly as well as if you’re playing with real money.

Final notes on mobile casinos

While it’s true that the market of mobile casinos is relatively small when you compare it to the regular online casinos market, but this fact is about to change very soon. Most big casinos have begun investing a lot of money into the creation of their own mobile versions of their websites, so you can expect that the competition in this sphere will increase dramatically in the next few years. If you’re a person on the go, and you wish to relax while travelling with a gambling game or two, then you’ll do well to utilise the potential that the online gambling games have when it comes to the mobile devices. It’s simple and effective, and all you need is a mobile phone or tablet, and access to the internet. And you’re all set. So, be sure to have some fun next time when you’re traversing a longer distance with the world of the mobile casinos.

Rules of slot machines

Rules of slot machines

Even though the casino slot games are so simple, some people may still have some issues with understanding what they’re about. After all, there will be a spin of the wheels and then an arbitrary result that will either win you some money, or lose you some money. How does this process go from start to finish, and how can you understand it? We assure you that this is not a difficult subject and that you will understand what the slots are all about as soon as you finish reading this article.

How to play the slot machines at online casinos?

The slot machines are pretty simple for use. There’s an old school legend about the casino slots that says that they were created to entertain the bored wives of the millionaire husbands. But this idea “backfired” in the sense that the slots themselves have reached a level of popularity that no one could have predicted at the time.

Now, onto the meat of the article. First thing’s first, you will have to deposit some money onto the machine where you will want to play. One thing to keep in mind is while every slot game has a pretty similar core as compared to the other games, there are still some unique points that you need to take into consideration. So, if you’re confident that you have found the game that you wish to play – make the deposit and select the game.

Now you will need to press a button or pull a lever (depending on the design of the machine) in order to make it work its magic. Of course, beforehand you will have to decide how much money you’re about to bet on the next particular turn, and equally importantly, on which pay line.

How does an online casino slot work?

online casino slot machinesThe pay lines are exactly what you think they are – the lines along which there are winning or losing combination. Typically, the more pay lines you bet on, the bigger your chances of making a winning combination, but at the flipside is the fact that you will have to spend more money in order to make your bet. So, try to get the golden middle and select enough pay lines so that you will increase your odds of winning, but not too many pay lines so as to potentially lose all your money very quickly.

And in the end, you will need to know about the symbols. Each symbol on the wheels has its own meaning – certain symbols and their combinations will give you more money than their counterparts. It’s best to be aware about all of this by reading out the instructions of the game.

Casino Slot Machines – In conclusion

As you see, it’s nothing complicated. You now know exactly what it is like to play the slot games, and you know the rules to do so. There are many places where you can play slots, online casinos 2018 included. Be sure to check them out if you’re interested, as you’re certain to find something that you like.

Legit or not

How to find out if new online casinos are legit

We are blessed to be living in a time when we can use the internet for our benefit. There are so many things to do, and so many things that we have done before are much easier now that we have the internet. One such thing is gambling. Many people have a firm vision that gambling is a process that takes place only in the real world. But they neglect to think about the world online.There are thousands of new casinos online that spring up every month or so. Of course, it’s only natural to think that not all of them are fully legit.

And this is indeed the case – there are many examples of online casinos that are malevolent and they only wish to steal your money while making you think that you’re playing with fair odds. So, it’s best for you to do a bit of research on the new casinos before investing your money in them. Below you will find out how exactly to do this.

The method to check if the new UK casino is legit

The first thing that you will want to check out is whether the particular casino where you will want to gamble is active on the stock exchange. Only companies that fully abide to the rule of law and work in concordance with the laws in the country are able to be active on the stock exchange. This means that you will be certain that you’re dealing professionals if you can find them at the stock exchange. And it means that you will need to be very cautious if they are not active.

online casino legit or notThe background check is also very important when it comes to new casinos. There are many different ways in which you can do this check. First of all, you could seek out reviews online. It’s easy, just Google up some reviews and you will see what other people that have used the particular website have on their minds about it. Make sure to check out the payout ratio of the new casino, and whether they are audited by an external agency. If this is not the case, then the casino owners may write anything up on their website, and lie to you about the odds that you’re getting. This is not something that we’re making up – there are hundreds of cases of dodgy casino practice that use this scheme in order to take advantage of people’s trust.

Having fun at new casinos

In the end, don’t make everything overcomplicated. It’s simple, you will easily be able to find out whether a casino is legit or shady. Most big casinos in the UK are fully legit, and you ought to feel free to bet your money there and have fun for however long you like. Just make sure that you gamble responsively, as gambling can be highly addictive, especially for certain personalities of people. Bear this in mind and be sure to have fun while gambling online!

CopyCats one of the best slots right now!


In May 2017, NetEnt released this colorful and fun casino game, that caters both cat lovers and casino lovers of all ages and variants. Here, cats are stacked on top of each other. The game itself is not super-advanced; yet one of the autumns most enjoyable games, with simple game layouts, a great gaming experience and very profitable opportunities. It is important to look out for one of the four cats – the blue, the red, the pink and the yellow – and hope that those of the same color will appear briefly; or be copied for your profit. Like Copycats.


Rainbow Ryan

Yggdrasil’s game Rainbow Ryan has an Irish theme that is unconventionally mixed with a rock theme. Casinos around Europe got the game on July 24th. Game mechanics and graphics are good here, but the music can be quite annoying after a while, because all the hi-pitch sounds. (Thank good for the mute-button!) The sound effects are true to the theme, but they can be a bit much, and be a bit too monotonous.

Slot Machine Rainbow Ryan is a bit special in its design, and unlike the majority of slots; have six reels instead of five. There are also four symbols stacked, which means there are 4096 ways to win. The bonus feature where Ryan lights up headlights that synchronize up to six wheels are nice in theory, but in practice they result in the wheels sinking in value too often.


Butterfly Staxx

In the midst of summer 2017, NetEnt launched the beautiful casino-game Butterfly Staxx. Many probably expected it to be similar to Neon Staxx; but instead, the game show turned out to be quite different in this new game. However, we recognize the good graphics, the magic sounds and the thing that the symbols should end up in stacks rather than in traditional rows.

When the brilliant and glittering butterfly symbols of Butterfly Staxx are collected in a “stack” or rather in a nice butterfly sequence; that fills much of the playing field. More “scrambling” and higher winnings are available in the bonus round, which is activated by brilliant scatter symbols. There is a lot that shines and glitters in this slot, the graphics are so nice and magical that it will be completely unique! In addition to this, however, the game layout is not very unique unfortunately; it does not offer too many surprises and very few special features. We still think the game is worth a few rounds – especially in mobiles where it’s magically good.


2 Great Mobile Casinos in August

Here are 2 great Online Casinos to check out in August 2017!


Cashmio is the latest Swedish casino portal launched online just before the summer of 2016. Of course, a mobile version of the site is released from the start so that you’ll be ready to bring home some real cash with Cashmio. The casino offers an equally enjoyable gaming experience via the computer as well as on your phone or tablet – in other words, it depends on what suits you the best. However, there are obviously some restrictions on gaming, just like most other mobile casinos. Cashmio generally feels like a fresh and modern casino, and it can become a strong competitor to many other Swedish-based casinos out there.


If you are curious about what it would be like to play at Cashmio, you can become a member right now, and you will also be able to enjoy some Free Spins. You can easily register your new account via your mobile phone casino and get the opportunity to enjoy free spins and welcome bonus as well!

Fantasino Casino

A new exciting and colorful mobile casino is Fantasino and it was launched as late as March this year. Here you’ll have the chance to play your best casino games in a wonderful environment wherever you are. Of course you can play directly via your mobile or tablet as well as on your regular computer. Fantasino is a mobile casino that is both nice to look at and user-friendly. In addition, Fantasino offers a whole new concept with an exciting Fantasy world – of course, when you play Fantasino Fantasy World via mobile casino you can also handle your deposit and withdrawals – just as easy.

The gang behind Fantasino is hardly any beginners and it also appears on the high-quality mobile casino that Fantasino offers. In addition to all the fine colors and the easy-navigated design; you can look forward to innovative features such as the Fantasy World and to get your personal little character Trebol that is your own avatar more or less. Fantasino Mobile Casino gives you the chance to play your favorite casino games while advancing and you can count on rewards such as casino bonuses, free spins and cashbacks. The people who have created Fantasino have more than 13 years of online casino experience online, so you’ll feel right at home at this great mobile casino.

The thing with New Casinos 2017

So what exactly is the thing with New Casinos these days? Here are some answers!

Today there is a fairly tough competition in the online gaming market. Which means that both the old well-established gaming sites and new online casinos that show up, all compete to get the players attention. One of the most effective ways they do this is to offer us casino bonuses that are attractive and generous with lots of benefits.

We at are her to help you find the right casino to play by keeping up to date with the most relevant information. Actively visiting And try out new casinos while keeping an eye on those already available. Also provide you with objective reviews where you can read about the best and most beneficial sites.

Different types of Casino Bonuses

There are a number of different types of casino bonuses, and it’s really worthwhile to spend some time reading what they offer. What the differences are and thus learning what kind of things suits you the best. Some of the different casino bonuses are more “famous” than others, and the ones we most often hear are the various casino welcome bonuses which they use to attract new customers. It is also often seen that many game sites offer free spins. These can be obtained in a variety of ways, either in connection with their welcome bonus or as a very own casino bonus.

A casino bonus can give you benefits that you only get by putting in your own money and playing for a specific casino. First of all, you can get more money on your game account; than you would otherwise, and you can play more spins on slots than you could otherwise. The casino bonus that gives you free spins also don’t require your money to spin. One thing that you always have to carry with you is, however, that the vast majority of bonuses have some form of turnover requirements.

Casino bonus without deposit

A bonus we really like is the one you get without having to deposit a single penny. This is usually called a No Deposit Bonus and is a completely free casino bonus that allows you to try the site without any risk. Getting casino bonuses without deposit is very beneficial for those who play and consist for most of a low amount of money or a few free spins that you can avail of one or more slots.

Bonus to Recruit a Friend

No one knows your own friends as well as you, therefore, a lot of casinos give you the chance to earn money to invite your friends. A recruitment bonus means that the game page gets a new customer, you get money because you invite someone and your friends get a bonus. When your friend then deposits money into his account, you get a certain amount for which you can play. You can find this kind of bonus at a number of the best casino sites.

Games with Cards – Kasino

The goal of the game

The game’s goal is to collect as much points as possible by picking the open cards on the table using the cards you have on hand. Known variants of the kasino card game are building casinos, creep casinos and mules. In the squad kasino, you will receive as few points as possible, contrary to the usual kasino. First, you decide who deals – The one who draws the lowest does this. The game is started by the player to the left of the person who divides the cards. The game then continues to the right.


Game progress

Each player and table should be assigned with 4 cards which they are awarded 2 and 2. Now you should pick up cards from the table with your deck on hand. Each player must, in turn, play a card from his hand. Either you get a card from the table, or you put a card on the table. If you have a card on hand, the numerical value of which corresponds to the numerical value of a card on the table can be taken. You can also choose to combine multiple from the table to match the value of a card you have in hand. If you have seven on your hand then you can take a seven on the table. If there is a fifth and a second on the table, you can combine them to value seven. You can include all combinations of cards as long as the value matches the cards you play.

If you don’t want to take anything, you must place a card on the table. This card will now be part of the board’s card that players can then take. The cards you collect are placed in a pile (they are not picked up later).


If you take a card or combination that leaves the table blank on card, it is called “loss”. Each loss gives 1 point and it is marked by the card that made the loss with being raised next to its high with a stick so that it is known that the card is counted as a point.

 Cards & Points

When the game is over, all players count their decks and spades to determine who has the most cards and spades. Each ace you get one point, the same for the “small one” (Lowest). “The big one” is worth 2 points.

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